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Maryland Human Resources Library

Written in plain English by top employment lawyers from Maryland Chamber member company Shawe Rosenthal LLP, the HR Library helps employers navigate the pitfalls and traps in the employment law jungle. The “Maryland Human Resources Manual” and the “Model Policies and Forms for Maryland Employers” provide Maryland Chamber members with a comprehensive resource at a significantly discounted rate. Beginning this year, the information will be updated even more frequently as the resources go online. Learn More

Maryland Human Resources Manual

The Maryland Human Resources Manual is an HR manager’s dream come true, covering everything from pre-hire through post-termination. Written in plain-English, you’ll find chapters on recruiting and hiring, employee handbooks, wages and hours, performance evaluations, immigration, discrimination, and more! The Human Resources Manual is also available at This publication includes 370-plus pages, 27 chapters, and 15 pages of easy-to-use index entries. For more information, call 1-866-439-2227.

Model Policies and Forms for Maryland Employers

Written by attorneys at Shawe Rosenthal LLP, this is your one-stop resource for assembling an employee handbook and easily accessing important forms. Model Policies and Forms for Maryland Employers is 325 pages of forms, checklists, sample policies and author commentary so you know the difference between what is optional and what is legally essential. With this manual, you'll know what to do, how to do it, and why when it comes to creating company policies and assembling employee handbooks. The Human Resources Manual is available at so you can easily personalize and print what you need with a simple click of a button. For more information, call 1-866-439-2227.

Save with UPS

Maryland Chamber of Commerce members save up to 28 percent on their express shipping, as well as additional discounts on ground shipments courtesy of UPS. Learn More