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2017 General Assembly Legislative Report

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The bills from the 2017 legislative session are in the books—passed, failed or vetoed. Now, you can see how we worked together to advocate for Maryland business.

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2017 Agenda Issues

Our agenda issues were based upon the work of the Chamber's issue committees and Legislative Committee, and support from Board of Directors, members and staff. Together, we help advance Maryland’s business climate. 


The Chamber is partnering with a coalition of businesses to represent concerns of the business community affected by a statewide sick leave mandate.


The Chamber has opposed efforts over the past several years to enact prohibitions on the hydraulic fracturing process.


Last session, the General Assembly introduced several pieces of civil liability-related legislation.


Qualified Research and Development (R&D) Expenses – Credit Amounts

Income Tax Credit – Eligible Employees – Eligible Internships


As introduced last session, this legislation sought to impose a system of mandatory unitary combined reporting for corporate income taxes on those retail sales and food service corporations.