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Maryland Competitiveness Coalition

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Maryland has enjoyed extraordinary economic success in the recent past which has yielded a good quality of life and enviable job growth. This success is a direct result of a highly educated workforce, public sector expansion, and a strong focus on growth in technology and innovation. The next decade brings new challenges to the State ’s economic health, including pending federal budget cuts, global market conditions and regional competitiveness.

Maryland’s employer community sees an exciting opportunity to rapidly accelerate our State’s ability to expand the tax base, attract new companies, and improve the state’s competitiveness in private sector job creation and business investment. Over the next several years, a new collaborative effort of business, employee and related interest groups will work together to help strengthen Maryland as a regional, national and global economic leader. If these issues can be addressed, our State will become even stronger, benefitting government, business, education, and the quality of life for all Marylanders.